Play and Learn is a fun and engaging free-of-charge program offered by the Madison Metropolitan School District for children ages birth to 3+ and their caregivers, who reside in the Madison School District. The Play and Learn sessions provide a learning environment for families who may not have access to similar opportunities and who are not currently participating in similar programs. Children learn early math, literacy, and social skills through play and caregivers learn about child development, the importance of play, and parenting skills.

 Play and Learn Brochures


 How do I sign up for Play and Learn?

Please refer to the Play and Learn schedule below for staff contact information. Registration is done on-site when you attend your first Play and Learn session.

2016-17 Schedule


 More Resources for Parents and Caregivers

Birth to five years is a critical stage of child development. If you are a teacher, caregiver or parent that works with children birth to five years, consider visiting our Launching into Literacy and Math website. You will find a great deal of valuable information about early learning! The United Way Parent Portal is another great source of information about raising and caring for young children.